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The Rhinovo product brand also includes table trucks, industrial trolleys, aerial order pickers, and other primary essential industrial material handling equipments.  The products are used for easy stacking of pallets and simple shifting of items from one place to another within a warehouse setting, so that businesses are more productive.

Manual Hydraulic Table Trucks

150 Kg
300 Kg
500 Kg
500 Kg – Long Platform
700 Kg
1000 Kg


Electric Hydraulic Table Trucks

Table Truck

table truck - photo 1

Rhinovo table trucks offer diverse lifting height, load capacity and table platform sizes to meet fundamental and essential material handling requirements. The table trucks have accessible flexible functions, and can be simply and conveniently used for multiple usages such as lifting and lowering materials, level compensation when lifting machines, installations in conveyor system.



Scissor Lift Pallet Truck

Scissor lift pallet truck

Rhinovo scissor lift pallet trucks are designed to use as basic lifting table, marshalling table, work bench or as a standard hand pallet jack. The scissor lift pallet trucks are tough, durable and provide comfortable handling and grip.




Industrial Trolley

Rhinovo industrial trolleys are generally used for simple and basic transporting of light weight goods.

Model RE150T-R RE300T-R
Capacity Kg 150 300
Platform height mm 135 250
Handle height mm 820 910
Overall width mm 472 610
Overall length mm 725 950
Roller Size mm 102 127
Roller Type Rubber Rubber

Aerial Order Picker

Rhinovo aerial order pickers provide high efficiency, productivity and easy operation. The compact design aerial order pickers are frequently used for warehouse, or basic installation and maintenance. Operators can swiftly and conveniently collect the goods that are positioned at high levels on the warehouse industrial rack and shelf.