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Rhinovo Vision

To be the leading brand for basic and essential material handling equipments


Rhinovo Mission

To satisfy customers’ basic and necessary material handling needs by continuously innovating, increasing range of the primary, essential and key fundamental products, as well as enhancing the value chain, so that customers can always experience higher productivity and efficient operation with better value, quality, ease-of-use, and convenience at a reasonable affordable cost.


Rhinovo Values

Reliable – Rhinovo brand can be trusted and dependable.

Honour – Rhinovo team have strong integrity and are committed to uphold the trust and confidence of others in us.

Innovative – Rhinovo team are creative and continually seek better solutions for our customers and the environment.

Need – Rhinovo team are required to always improve our skill and knowledge, so that we can serve customers better.

Open – Rhinovo team are sincere in building a strong relationship with our customer.

Value – Rhinovo is beneficial to our customers through the robust quality, affordable price, and prompt delivery.

Original – Rhinovo team strives to always be new, fresh and forward thinking.

Meet our 2015 Mascot Rivo!

Mascot“Hello! My name is Rivo, and I am so proud to be the exclusive mascot of Rhinovo. I have the qualities to represent the Rhinovo brand as we share similar personalities and strengths. I like simplicity. I am focus, diligent, innovative, proactive and forward-looking. I set very high standards for myself. I stay unique and different. We both love green. My role is to support our growing team, to strive hard and do our best to build and preserve a strong relationship with all our valued customers, and to serve our customers with their basic material handling needs plus value, quality and convenience, so that they can always be competent, efficient and highly productive.”