Standard Hand Pallet Trucks

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Rhinovo hand pallet trucks are highly regarded for their excellent quality pump with a slow lowering hand control valve. The 3-position control level provides very easy control of all hydraulic system functions. Rhinovo hand pallet trucks are specially designed with arc structure at the end of the forks so that loading and unloading of goods can be achieved in an extremely convenient manner. Rhinovo forks can sustain heavy loads with the ‘C’ shape structure. The hand pallet trucks have grease fittings at key points.

Main Characteristics

1. Imported seal and anti-corrosion-treated piston rod
2. Manufactured with high-quality steel plate
3. High-quality, reliable hydraulic pump
4. Suitable for use in confined space
5. Single load rollers

2.0T – 550×1150 – Single/Tandem nylon/PU rollers
2.0T – 685×1220 – Single/Tandem nylon/PU rollers
2.5T – 550×1150 – Single/Tandem nylon/PU rollers
2.5T – 685×1220 – Single/Tandem nylon/PU rollers
3.0T – 550×1150 – Single/Tandem nylon/PU rollers
3.0T – 685×1220 – Single/Tandem nylon/PU rollers